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Historical Origins of the MCEO Teachings - Summary-1

     Introductory-Topic Summary-1
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Historical Origins of the MCEO Teachings
By A’sha Deane
Includes: MCEO Teachings & the CDT-Plates; Historical Method of CDT-Plate Translation; CDT-Plates & Historical World Religions; CDT-Plates & Contemporary World Religions; Science, Spirituality, Evolution and the Templar; Humanity’s Dark Age  Lost Civilization, Forbidden History, the Templar and DNA; The NET, “Higher & Lower Earth,” the Toral Rift, Equinox Precession & False Yugas, and the 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment; Contemporary MCEO Vision; Contemporary CDT-Plate Translations, Current Earth Drama & the 6520 AD Welcome Stations

MCEO Teachings & the CDT-Plates
The MCEO teachings did not originate on Earth; these teachings represent a record of advanced spiritual-science knowledge and extensive history that has been translated into many forms, in many different periods and locations, within and beyond our 15-Dimensional Universe. The record of knowledge and history that the MCEO teachings stand for represents a gift of insight, hindsight and foresight, first provided over 950 billion years ago, by the Elder Races of our Universe and beyond, who have evolved to embody the realities of Eternal Life Ascension that are revealed in the MCEO teachings. The MCEO teachings were brought to Earth in several different periods of pre-ancient history  beginning with their first dispensations 25 million years ago, which were subsequently destroyed.
In more recent pre-ancient history, the MCEO teachings were again brought to Earth by a collective ofinterdimensional races referred to as the Guardian AllianceMelchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (GA-MCEO), under the supervision of their Elder Councils, the Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts; the MCEO teachings were returned to Earth as a gift to an evolving humanity. Detailed profiles of the GA-MCEO collective are found in the Voyagers books (by Ashayana Deane, Granite Publishing 1999–2001); profiles of the Adashi Adepts are found within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshops. The GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts have served for many eons as Guardians of our 15-Dimensional Universe and beyond. The more recent pre-ancient historical MCEO teachings of Earth emerged from the 12 CDT-Plate Silver Recorder Disc Libraries that were given to the ancient Urtite human races of Earth by the MCEO Guardians’ Azurite race, in the 246,000 BC Atlantean period, as part of the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement treaty. After receiving the CDT-Plates, the Urtites made the original written translations, creating the 590-volume Maharata Texts. Partial Maharata Text/ CDT-Plate translationswere later made in numerous periods and Earth cultures, the last partial translation starting in 10 BC during the “Christ Period” (12 BC  27 AD). (History of the CDT-Plates is detailed at the start of Voyagers Volume-1, 2nd Edition; detailed history of the Guardians’ involvement with human evolution is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)

Historical Method of CDT-Plate Translation
Since the first CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations were made in 246,000 BC, many events of both climatic change and human warring have occurred on Earth; due to the recurrence of such events, in 208,216 BC the Maharata Text books and 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates were retrieved by the Azurites and secured under MCEO guardianship. One of the two missing CDT-Plates was retrieved and returned to MCEO protection in the 1600s AD, and the other, final CDT-Plate was retrieved in November of 1999 AD. In pre-ancient times, after securing the Maharata Texts and 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates, the GA-MCEO and Krystal River Adashi Adepts created a set of protocols by which the MCEO CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text teachings would be returned to Earth through remote-translation during certain periods of significance, while the retrieved CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts remained in security storage until a future date when they could be safely returned.
The protocols by which the Guardians have historically orchestrated remote-translation of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts during various periods of human history involves their appointment, in a particular period, of a group of 3 MCEO Speakers from among Earth human populations  each group of 3 MCEO Speakers works closely together with the GA-MCEO Guardians to bring remote-translations of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts into their respective period. Since 208,216 BC, numerous partial translations of the CDT-Plates/ Maharata Texts have been orchestrated, including the more recent efforts of 22,340 BC, 2040 BC and 10 BC; in more recent periods of ancient history, MCEO 3-Speaker groups and partial CDT-Plate translations have appeared within Hindu, Hebrew, Chinese, Tibetan, African, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, Celtic-Druidic, and some other cultures.
The method by which MCEO Speakers achieve remote-translation of the CDT-Plates begins early in life, with at least one of the three Speaker-appointees having repeated, direct physical contact-encounters with members of the GA-MCEO from very early childhood onward. During every period in which the CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations are rendered, the GA-MCEO is aware of the identities of the “potential Speakers” before they enter physical incarnation on Earth, and watches over them from the point of physical conception. These MCEO 3-Speaker appointments are assigned prior to conception, with each of the 3 Speaker appointments having an additional 2 “primary backup” appointments  and occasionally a few others to serve as “secondary backup”  in the event that an appointed Speaker cannot fulfill the assignment. In every period, a “pool” of several individuals incarnate with specific dormant configurations carried in their DNA; when activated, these configurations open specific “electromagnetic passages” within the neurological circuitry, allowing those who carry them to receive protected,electronically-encoded data-streams directly from the GA-MCEO. Over time, as the dormant DNA coding activates, the individuals become progressively more able to biologically receive and neurologically translate information transmitted on the GA-MCEO data-stream, enabling them to develop clear, conscious, protected interdimensional communication with the GA-MCEO. This process of coded interdimensional electronic data-streaming is called Keylontic Communication.
Keylontic Communication is not the same as the process commonly known today as “channeling” or “conscious mediumship.” Channeling is a process in which the spirit essence of a disembodied individual or collective temporarily (or sometimes permanently) enters the physical body, bio-energetic field and consciousness of an incarnate human in order to communicate in the human world. The GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts do not engage the process of channeling because it most often causes biological damage to the human DNA that can severely interfere with the individual’s biological and spiritual evolution; in this regard channeling is considered “risky.” In many cases, both “channeling” and “trance-mediumship” (unconscious channeling) can also lead to temporary or permanent “identity displacement” or “possession”; in this regard channeling and trance-mediumship are considered downright dangerous. Channeling is thus viewed by the GA-MCEO and Adashi Adepts as an unsafe and unreliable method of interdimensional communication.
As Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming does not cause human DNA damage  and does not intrude on or invade the human biology and bio-energetic field  it is the method of choice for Guardian collectives. All humans have an organic genetic ability to engage some degree of Keylontic Communication, and also have a genetic vulnerability to invasive interdimensional exchange. Interdimensional communication is an organic ability and a birthright of all humans, but it is a gift that requires educated application if it is to be developed safely. (More detail on the process and dynamics of Keylontic Communication, and information on creating safety in interdimensional communication, is found in the Voyagers books.)
Though all humans have an innate biological and spiritual predisposition to interdimensional exchange and Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming, not all humans carry the responsibilities of MCEO Speaker Contracts. During conception, individuals with MCEO Speaker Contracts receive additional dormant DNA encoding directly from the GA-MCEO, which requires the direct assistance of the GA-MCEO for activation. In early childhood, and extending into adolescence, the GA-MCEO initiates repeated physical contact-encounters with the Speaker or Speakers who are intended to engage CDT-Plate remote-translation in adulthood. Through these contact-encounters, the GA-MCEO engages the progressive process of activating the specialized dormant DNA coding, which, when fully activated, will allow for Keylontic data-streaming directly from the CDT-Plate discs for remote-translation, and will provide direct “live” data-streaming with GA-MCEO and Adashi Adept representatives. The process of Keylontic Communication electronic data-streaming has been the method by which the GA-MCEO has orchestrated remote-translation of the CDT-Plates throughout Earth’s history, and it is the same method of remote-translation used today.

CDT-Plates & Historical World Religions
The CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations of 246,000 BC contained the original multidimensional spiritual-scienceAscension teachings from which the “Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions” and all subsequent fragment-religions eventually de-evolved; thus the CDT-Plates and Maharata Texts represent the “Common Source” from which all known Earthly historical and modern religious doctrines and early scientific inspiration emerged. TheOriginal 12 Ancient Earth Religions did not begin as competitive, contradictory doctrines, but rather representedcomplementary perspectives, which were first taught in Oral Translation after the CDT-Plate remote-translation protocols had been established by the MCEO Guardians upon their reclamation of 10 of the 12 CDT-Plates in 208,216 BC. The Oral Translations emerged from division of the CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text teachings into 12 corresponding aspects called “Legions”; each “Legion” represented an Oral Translation of one of the 12 CDT-Plate Silver Discs. The collective body of the 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions was known as the “12 Legions of the KRYSTHL-A”; the word “KRYSTHL-A” was derived from the “7 Sacred Sounds” that represent the “1st Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones” in our 15-Dimensional Universe. The “7 Sacred Core-Creation Sound Tones” are “Ka, Ra, Ya, Sa, Ta, Ha, La”; the pre-ancient word “Krys-thl’-a” was used in reference to the collective body of the “12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions.”
In the MCEO CDT-Plate records, the original Earth human races are known as the “Angelic Human lineage.  Each of the 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions was entrusted to one of the 12 original Earth Angelic Human race lines, which were collectively referred to as the “12 Tribes Humans.” (Detailed information on the Angelic Human 12 Tribes lineage is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.) Each “Tribe” protected, and perpetuated in Oral Tradition, the knowledge and historical record contained within its respective “CDT-Plate Oral Legion.” Each single CDT-Plate Oral Legion was remote-translated by an MCEO 3-Speaker group that was a member of the “Tribe” to which the CDT-Plate corresponded; only one 3-Speaker group was active on Earth at any given time.
The CDT-Plate Oral Legion remote-translations were returned to Earth over time, in sequential order, starting with the teachings contained in CDT-Plate-1. Each Oral Legion was brought into Angelic Human culture in different periods to sequentially assist in the progressive evolution of the human collective. Historical translations of the teachings contained in the “2 missing discs” were rendered from the Maharata Texts through GA-MCEO Keylontic Communications. In various historical periods the “12 Tribes Humans” themselves became known as the “12 Legions of the Krysthl-a”; in later historical mistranslations of the 12 Legions’ CDT-Plate Oral Translations, the word “Krysthl-a” became fragmented and polarized into the words “Kryst” (later to become the word Christ), and HL-a (later to become the word Allah). This was the “First Division of the 12 Tribes,” and from it both the populations and Oral Tradition further fragmented and de-evolved.
During several periods in history following the inception of the 12 Legions of the KRYSTHL-A CDT-Plate Oral Translations, portions of the original 12 Oral Legions were reorganized and restructured, or “re-legion-ed,” to create partial written translations of the CDT-Plate teachings, which appeared in various early languages and dialects. The first written translations that emerged from the 12 Oral Legions became known as the “Original 12 Angelic Human Earth Re-Legions”; this word was later translated into “Religions” in the languages and dialects respective to the cultures of certain periods. The teachings of the CDT-Plate written partial-translations  which evolved from the 12 Legions’ Oral Translations to become the “Original 12 Ancient Earth Re-Legions  were initially unique unto each other, but complementary and concurring due to recognition of their CDT-Plate Common Source. It is from these pre-ancient teachings that the doctrines of all subsequent historical fragment-religions emerged. Over time and through the intentional historical manipulations orchestrated by Illuminati races (who possess hybrid “Angelic Human plus various ‘Intruder ET’” genetic lines), the original complementary perspectives and teachings of the “Original 12 Ancient Angelic Human Earth Religions” were progressively distorted into competitive, contradictory doctrines and “mass-control-dogmas.” (More information on the historical and contemporary relationships between ancient earthly Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human cultures, and the emergence of the “early man” hybrid-species popularized by Darwinism, is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)

CDT-Plates & Contemporary World Religions
The contradictory doctrines of the historical control-dogma distortions,” through which “human populations were pitted against each other,” emerged through progressive intentional distortion, mistranslation and concealmentof the original CDT-Plate translations. All traditional fragment-religious texts  and “New Age” channeled doctrines —are at this point distorted beyond recognition, containing falsifications and omissions historically intended by Illuminati groups to sustain the mass-control-dogmas by which they covertly govern and direct contemporary human global society. But within the present distortion of doctrine, each primary religion of today still contains a seed of spiritual truth” derived from the Original 12 Ancient Earth Religions, their earlier 12 CDT-Plate Oral Legions of the KRYSTHL-A, and the original Common Source CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text MCEO teachings from which they all originally emerged. 
Within the MCEO teachings of present-day CDT-Plate translations, the words “Kryst,” Krist and theirderivatives are often used. In the current context these words are the shorthand reference to teachings, ideas and motivations corresponding to the pre-ancient word “KRYSTHL-A,” the “7 Sacred Sounds” (“1st Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones” in our 15-Dimensional Universe) from which this word is derived, and the collective body of “Common Source multidimensional spiritual-science “Ascension” teachings contained within the original, pre-ancient CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations. In the earliest of the present-day CDT-Plate translations, the word “Christ” was used to denote the correspondence between the pre-ancient “Kryst teachings and some of the teachings contained within the modern “Christian religions.” As the present-day translations progressed, this spelling “evolved” back into the original “Krist/ Kryst shorthand spelling of pre-ancient times  the source of the later word “Christ.” The CDT-Plate teachings contain correspondences to some of the teachings in most primary world religions of today, and so their affiliation extends far beyond the boundaries of Christian doctrine alone. (CDT-Plate historical records pertaining to the “Christ drama,” and more information on the “Common Source of world religions,” are found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition.)
The MCEO Freedom Teachings® respect the “seeds of genuine Sacred Truth” that still remain within most of the contemporary world fragment-religions, and hold the “Sacred Books and Doctrines” of these religions, and the populations who “follow” them, in equal value. “Some of the teachings” in almost every contemporary religion represent the “Common Seed of Truth” from which all religions emerged; and “some of the teachings” in almost every contemporary religion represent the “Common Bed of Falsehoods” with which the truths have been assaulted. The falsehoods contained within contemporary religious doctrines emerged through intentional promotion of false teachings and manipulation of historical record, which various competing global Illuminati factions have progressively orchestrated throughout generally-known human history, in order to evolve their mass-control-dogmas. While all of today’s traditional religious doctrines share a “Common Seed of Truth,” they also share this “Common Bed of Falsehoods” imposed on them by forces that seek the ultimate demise of the once–Angelic Human species.
Of the falsehoods perpetrated on our spiritual truths, the “greatest falsehood of all” is the intentional, complete omission from the “books of spirituality” of the pre-ancient, advanced scientific teachings of multidimensional physics that are contained within the MCEO CDT-Plates and their original written Maharata Text translations. This intentionally contrived, progressively orchestrated omission of historical fact, which has been executed over a period of recent history dating back only to 11,000–10,000 BC, has culminated in the creation of a “species-wide mass illusion,” in which an inorganic division, and seeming competition, between spiritual and scientific realities is perceived. And through this illusion, a “spiritless science” justifies its endeavors without conscience or concern for “spiritual law or consequence”  and a “science-less spirituality” remains castrated from the true knowledge through which its lofty aspirations of an “eternal afterlife and Ascension” can be fulfilled. Original CDT-Plate records ofancient and pre-ancient history include record of spiritually and technologically advanced human, and other-than-human, cultures. Both the CDT-Plate historical record, and the CDT-Plate teachings of the spiritual-science technologies of “Ascension,” have historically been stripped from contemporary fragment-religion doctrines, and denied within scientific paradigms. This omission and denial of ancient “core truths and foundation facts” was contrived to prevent the human masses from acquiring the knowledge and personal power by which they could reclaim directional control over their personal and collective evolutionary destiny.

Science, Spirituality, Evolution and the Templar
The original MCEO CDT-Plate teachings clearly explained the inherent unity of science and spirituality” and theintimate interrelationship between consciousness, spirit and atomic structure; they detailed the specific structures and processes inherent to the science of multidimensional physics by which the spiritual achievement of “Ascension” occurs. The CDT-Plates teach that “Ascension” happens via the organic process of atomicTransfiguration, through which a being is enabled to biologically engage natural multidimensional spiritual evolution back into wholeness, freedom and eternal-life expression. Through the process of atomic Transfiguration which involves very specific structures and processes inherent to the laws of multidimensional physics as they apply to human bio-spiritual anatomy  a human being can experience “Ascension Passage” into ever-greater states of multidimensional bio-spiritual evolution. “Ascension Passage” is the organic bio-spiritual process of dimensionalTranslocation (visitation) and Transmigration (relocation) through the multidimensional structures of space-time, which culminates in re-evolution back into the original Eternal State of Pure Consciousness from which all initially emerged. This “model” of reality is called “Evolutionary Determinism,” or the “Stair-Step Creation” model. (More information on the Evolutionary Determinism model is found in Introductory-Topic Summary-3, information on the related “Paths of Rise and Fall” is found in Introductory-Topic Summary-2, and the teachings of “Stair-Step Creation & the Science of Ascension” are extensively detailed in the progressive dispensations given through MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshops over the past ten years.)
The CDT-Plates teach that the process of “Ascension” takes place through the organic structures of the “Interdimensional Universal Star-Gate System,” which is referred to as the “Universal Templar.” In the CDT-Plate history records, humanity was recognized as the “Angelic Human” race  a race of interdimensional extraterrestrial origin that was seeded on Earth by the GA-MCEO Elder Races to serve as Guardians of Earth’sPlanetary Templar Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System.” The original Angelic Human genome carried the inherent biological characteristics required to bio-electronically engage directly with Earth’s Planetary Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System. This genetic configuration, referred to as the “12-Strand Diamond Sun Crystal GeneDNA, also enabled ancient Angelic Humanity to experience the organic process of “eternal-life evolution” throughTransfigurative Ascension. Historical Illuminati manipulation of CDT-Plate/ Maharata Text translations includedintentional omission of the teachings of the “Sacred Science” by which the “spiritual accomplishment” of Ascension occurs, because in revelation of the teachings of “Ascension,” the realities of Earth’s Templar Star-Gates and the “secrets of the Angelic Human genome” would also be revealed. If awareness of Earth’s Templar  and of Angelic Humanity’s original, historical, biological commission as Templar Guardians  remained as common knowledge, the Illuminati races would be unable to fulfill their long-term agenda of Planetary “Templar Dominion.”

Humanity’s Dark Age — Lost Civilization, Forbidden History, the Templar and DNA
The Illuminati-Human races of old carried varying hybrid genetic codes containing only portions of the “Diamond Sun Star-Gate DNA Codes” organic to Angelic Human DNA. Earth Illuminati-Human hybrid race lines extend back to around 670,000 BC; the contemporary Illuminati lineage only reaches back to around 250,000 years ago, emerging through a primate-ET-human hybrid evolutionary strain known as the “Leviathan.” Contemporary Angelic Human lines extend back to almost 800,000 years ago, when the Third Seeding of the Angelic Human 12 Tribes was rendered; Earth’s First Seeding of the Angelic Human lines occurred 25 million years ago, and about 250 million years ago the Angelic Human First Seeding occurred on Parallel Earth. The original Angelic Human lineage did notshare primate DNA  this connection emerged through historical periods of forced genetic blending that were orchestrated by the Illuminati-Elders, following earlier attempts of consensual DNA Bio-regenesis of ET-visitor gene lines. If the Illuminati-Elder races were to achieve their goals of Earth Templar Dominion, the Illuminati gene lines would need to progressively interbreed with those of the Angelic Human, over many generations, in order for the Illuminati races to gain, by genetic blending, biological access to Earth’s Planetary Templar Halls of Amenti Star-Gates. (More information on Angelic Human Seedings and the Illuminati Leviathan races is found in Voyagers Voume-2, 2nd Edition.)  
Attaining operational knowledge of, procuring biological access to, and achieving covert dominion over Earth’s Templar Star-Gates is precisely what competing Illuminati groups have, historically and to this day, strived to achieve. The progressive orchestration of denying sacred knowledge to the masses and falsifying the human historical record  while promoting extensive over-breeding and overpopulation through historical forced interbreeding,distorted spiritual teachings and manipulative science  has not occurred “haphazardly” or “by accident.” These things have occurred, and are still occurring, by meticulous “contrived design,” carried out over many generations since 250,000 BC by Illuminati-Human hybrid-races, following the directives of their “off-planet interdimensional/extraterrestrial Elder kin.” The Illuminati-Elder-race Atlantean agenda of “Earth Templar Dominion” was part of a much older Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective that began on Earth 550 million years ago, when Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates were created 

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