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DNA *101 & 102* - The Transduction Sequence and the Merkaba

DNA 101 &  DNA 102*

*The Transduction Sequence and the Merkaba
DNA 101
Activations, Consummations, Initiations and DNA Strand Braiding
I have taken the information for tonight’s topic from the MCEO Freedom Teachings as Scribed by E’Asha Ashayana Dean. And is from Voyagers, Secrets of Amenti as well as from her Kathara Healing level 1 program.

There has been some talk amongst some New Age teachings concerning the evolution of the Human DNA and just what this might look like. Today our scientists see our DNA as a two strand or Double Helix DNA configuration. Here we have two Heli that twist around each other and which are joined together by a series of “hand rails”.

News Age teachings now speak of the introduction of the Triple DNA Helix as being the next step in Human evolution. They describe this triple helix configuration as three separate single strands that twist around each other and which have two sets of handrails which joint the three helixes together.
Some have suggested there is now indication of the Quadruple Helix indicating the possibility of a 4 Dimensional Helix configuration. And now they surmise, the Helix can be found in multiple dimensions.

It would be interesting to see just what kind of configuration they would come up with when all 12 Strands of the Human DNA are brought into the picture.
The information that the MCEO Freedom Teachings provides on the re-developing Human DNA is far different than what New Age teachings speculate as to what they believe may be happening, and as I have described above.

For instance the two Helixes themselves and their purpose and formation have not yet been clearly understood. One parental strand of the DNA Helix is created by the mothers’ magnetically oriented particle base, genetic imprint while the other parental strand is created by the fathers’ electrically oriented anti-particle base genetic imprint. It is the two sexes, the male and the female that are instrumental in the creation of the two parental strands. So a third strand, which would suggest a third sex, seems highly unlikely when describing just what a “Triple Helix” configuration might just look like.

What the MCEO Freedom Teachings tell us is that you will always see the double helix configuration in each and every dimension. What will change within the structure of the double helix configuration will be the number of Nucleotide Base pairs, which are the “Hand Rails” between the two parental strands, increase in number. Right now scientist recognize that there are 4 Nucleotide Base Pairs when in fact there should be twelve Nucleotide Base Pairs.

Humanity has been operating on only 4 Base Pairs or Vector Codes since the Lucifer Rebellion took place in 25,500 BC. So as humanity re-evolves up the dimensional scale, each double strand DNA Helix from each dimension will superimpose itself, one upon the next, so you will always see the Double Helix Configuration. What will be viewed as different will be the adding of as yet unrecognized additional Nucleotide Base Pairs as we re-evolve from our 4 base pairs to a complete 12 Nucleotide Base Pairs. It is in the number of new base pairs or “hand rails” themselves that will define just what our 12 Strand DNA Diamond Sun configuration will eventually look like.
Now, let me go back a bit and describe a little bit more about the Human DNA that our scientists still do not yet recognize.

Dimensions, Chakras and DNA Strands all have a direct correlation to each other.
Dimension 1, Chakra 1, and DNA strand 1 are all inter-connected. This understanding helps when one is trying to understand how DNA strand Braiding occurs. In previous shows I discussed and gave diagrams concerning the Kathara Grid. I showed how each Signet represents 1 dimension for a total of 12 signets and 12 dimensions.

Now I will deepen your understanding of the Kathara Grid and the Dimensions within this structure. Each dimension within the Kathara Grid contains 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands that mimic, on a less intense level, the full 12 dimensions of the Kathara Grid itself.

So Dimension 1 would contain 12 Sub-Strand Frequency bands starting with the color frequencies of Red, moving up through Orange, Yellow, Green etc. right up to White which is the 12th dimensional band in the Kathara grid. Now Dimension 1’s main frequency color spectrum would still be within the frequency range represented by the color of Red but it would also contain all the colors of the full 12 strand frequencies within its’ primary color of Red.

All the other Dimensions would each contain the same 12 Sub-strand frequency bands that Dimension 1 has so that within the entire 12 dimensional Kathara Grid itself, you would have a total of 144 Sub-Strand Frequency Bands, 12 Sub-Strand Frequency bands per Dimension times 12 dimensions.

Now when it comes to applying this understanding to your 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA package, each DNA strand would also contain the equivalent of the 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands of the full 12 Strand DNA package.

Currently, humanities focus of consciousness is collectively nested in the mid-range frequency bands within the 4h dimension. In terms of observable matter solidification, consciousness is always focused one dimension above what we see as “physical reality”. So at our current location in consciousness accretion within the mid-range frequency bands of Dimension 4, we see as solid matter the mid-range frequency bands of the 3rd dimensional. Once your Personal Morphogenetic Field has accreted or magnetically drawn into itself from the Dimensional Unified Field, all 12 of the Sub-Strand frequency bands of dimension 4, the culmination of which is call the “consummation point”, consciousness is transferred into the first of 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands of the next dimension above, which in our case would be 5th dimension. This next beginning phase of dimensional frequency accretion is called the “Initiation Point”. It is at this point that Dimension 4 becomes our new physical reality field. This is how we naturally evolve through the dimensional bands of the Kathara Grid.

What I find interesting is with highly developed mediums that can perceive not only the auric fields of an individual, but the Chakra Vortices themselves. Here they report seeing rainbow colors coming out of each chakra supporting the theory that although each chakra has a main or dominant color frequency, like the first chakra and its main color of Red, but that this Chakra also contains all the other colors of the chakras on a Sub-Strand Frequency level as well.
Now here is truly where it begins to get interesting.

Let us say your consciousness is in the processes of accreting frequency at the 6th Sub-Strand frequency band of the 4th Dimension or at a range of 4.5. (now remember, you have a total of 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands and half of 12 is 6). At a consciousness level of 4.5, what you are seeing physically is the frequency range of 3.5 dimensionally speaking. Whatever thoughts you have now at this 4.5 level of consciousness is now being programed into your 4th DNA strand at the 4.5 frequency range.

This thought now becomes a manifest part of your 4th DNA strand template and has been entered into your Cellular Memory at this frequency accretion level. It is now stored at this level in the sub-atomic particles of which the body’s cells are composed of. Once your consciousness has moved up to the frequency accretion, dimensional level of 5.5, what thoughts you embedded into your 4th DNA Strand at the 4.5 level which have been lying dormant in your cellular structure, begin to manifest into physicality and into your perceivable reality field.

So everything you are seeing in physicality right now, you actually entered into your cellular memory when your consciousness was nested within and was accreting frequencies from the third dimension.
Everything you are thinking and learning about life in the fourth dimension today, RIGHT NOW; all these wonderful abilities you may have heard and may be asking for yourself, abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, all these sense facilities that are associated with 4th dimensional experiences will only begin to manifest into your physical reality field when you have begun to accrete the 5th dimensional frequencies, or 1 octave above where you first embedded these thoughts.

Most people do not know this a try and try various techniques and visualizations and berate themselves thinking that something must be wrong with them because they are not achieving success.  The problem lies within their current level of consciousness. They will continue to to have no successes because they are still in the processes of completing full accretion of the 4th dimensional band. They have not yet reached the consummation point of the forth dimensional band so they will not at this point see evidence of these abilities until they have reached well past the initiated stage of the 5thth dimensional frequency accretion and have reached 1 full octave above where they originally set the morphogenetic thought pattern into their cellular structure within their DNA.

This is all fine and dandy but there is a way that you can actually change your present situation and what you are currently seeing now with new thoughts that you are having NOW in this moment. You do not have to wait until your consciousness has elevated 1 octave above in order to see your seeded thoughts manifest today. Many within the New Age community are tinkering with the mechanics of how this is done all from the understanding that all time is simultaneous and everything is happening right now. Your future as well as your past is happening right now.

This level of manifestation technique is still quite a way from being realized for most of Humanity but as we better understand the mechanics of inter-dimensional physics and continue to test our abilities, we will eventually hone this technique of “instant manifestation”.

Now the Guardians have only hinted as to the technicals’ behind how this may be done. It involves changing your past to affect your present. Technically you would seed your now thought into the dimensional band 1 octave below where you are currently focused which will affect and change your present moment in real time. First, however, the Guardians have suggested that we get good at honing our de-manifestation abilities before we tackle manifestation abilities. I think I may be too impatient to wait. I say lets train our-selves to do both at the same time! I just have to “tap” into that part of me that already knows how to do this… now if only my physical body could just catch up…

Now, there is quite a bit more to our DNA that science has not yet recognized. As I stated above with each Charka and Dimension there is one DNA Strand. Within the Human Crystal body anatomy as shown in the Kathara Grid with its 12 Kathara Centers, that translates into 12 Chakras as well as 12 DNA strands, you have other structures which regulate the energy between these centers as well as well as activation of the Merkaba Fields, which in turn allows the transmutation of form from one harmonic universe to the next.

Here we will touch briefly on new terms within the functioning DNA strands that allow this transmutation to occur.

These new terms are Seed Crystal Seals, Star Crystal Seals, DNA Seed Codes – Base Codes and Acceleration Codes as well as Fire Letters and Vector codes.

In the diagram below I have shown within the Human anatomy just where the Chakras are, as well as where the Seed Crystal Seal fit in the center of the bow-like structure of the Chakra.

The Seed Crystal Seeds
Within the structure of 15 dimensional human bio-energetic fields as well as within the structure of a planet there are 15 Morphogenetic Seed Crystals.

The Seed Crystals are not shown in this diagram above but are actually placed between the two cones or spiraling vortices of the Chakra (in the center of the bowties). These minuet seed crystals function as seals that keep the morphogenetic fields of each chakra set and locked into each dimension. They also keep the particles and the anti-particles that are found in each dimension separate from each other.

The Seed Crystal “Seals” control the “speed” at which the Dimensional Merkaba Field will rotate. This in turn controls the cyclical rate of the flashing on and off cycles that the particles emit within each dimension. They also direct the function of the particular DNA strand that is associated with each dimension.

The release of the Seed Crystal Seal allows the particles and the anti-particles of the dimension it is in to fuse which causes the flashing on and of cycle, its’ pulsation rhythm, to increase in frequency. This causes the Dimensional Merkaba Field to increase its speed of rotation.
DNA Seed Codes or the Star Crystal Seals.

Now we come to the DNA Seed Codes. As I stated above the Seed Crystals seals are contained directly in the center of each chakra. The Star Crystal Seals however, are found BETWEEN EACH Chakra and contain 24 codes within one DNA strand. The location of these Star Crystal Seals is what is shown in the diagram above. These units of minute crystalline frequency form the morphogenetic template of the DNA strand. The strand has 12 magnetic particle units called Base Codes and 12 electrical anti-particle units called Acceleration Codes.

Remember when I said that each dimension contained 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands of the full 12 dimensional Kathara Grid? These 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands within each Dimension are reflected within the DNA of the 12 Base codes of the particle universe and the 12 Acceleration Codes of the Anti-particle universe.

The Star Crystal Seals keep the human identity and auric levels dimensional separate. They control the Dimensional Merkabas fields’ axis, and the angular rotation of particle spine rather than the speed at which the Merkaba will rotate which is the function of the Seed Crystal Seals.
Fire Codes

One last item to bring into the picture is what is called or Fire Codes. Fire Codes are also found between the Chakras, or when speaking of strands of DNA, they are found midway between two separate strands and contain the top ½ portion of the scalar frequency patter of the bottom DNA strand and the bottom ½ portion of the scalar frequency pattern of the top DNA strand. So each of the Fire codes corresponds directly to one of the Star Crystal Seals, and with the release of the Star Crystal Seal, the Fire Code associated with the seal, is brought into activation.

Activation of the Fire Code begins the processes of the fusing together of the 12 Base magnetic Codes with the 12 Electrical Acceleration Codes beginning the processes of DNA strand braiding.
In a nut shell, Dimensional Ascension is achieved through;

1) release of the Kathara Grid Seals,
2) activation of the Kundalini energies, which encompass three levels of the Human Crystal Body and Dimensions 1 through 9.
3) release of the Cranial-Sacral Seals,
4) fusion of DNA strands via activation of the DNA Fire Codes,
5) resulting in the building of the Merkaba Vehicle
6) culminating in the transmutation of the physical body.

Through this transduction processes, human physiology is released from its organic phase-lock within its current time vector for transcendental travel through various matter density levels.
As the DNA Fire Codes regulate the body’s orientation to space-time, they are also referred to as the Genetic Time Codes.


  DNA 102*


*The Transduction Sequence and the Merkaba

I have taken the information for tonight’s topic from the MCEO Freedom Teachings as Scribed by E’Ashayana Dean. And is taken from Voyagers, Secrets of Amenti as well as from her Kathara Healing level 1 program and from the Emerald Covenant, Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative.
Now then, last week I began by refreshing our understanding of the 12 Signet Kathara Grid. Here I spoke about how the 12 Signets, the 12 dimensions and the 12 Chakras of the Human body as well as the 12 Strands of DNA which in total are called the Diamond Sun DNA configuration, were all one and the same in that they were all directly connected to each other.

I next introduced and broadened our understanding of the 12 Signets and its 12 Dimensions by further breaking each signet and dimension down into 12 Sub-Frequency bands that reflected the full 12 dimensions of the Kathara Grid but on a less intense level. Thereby giving each dimension all twelve frequencies of the full Kathara grid.

We then covered that the DNA helix was created by two Heli, one created by the mothers’ magnetically oriented, particle base, genetic imprint while the other parental strand or Heli is created by the fathers’ electrically oriented, anti-particle base genetic imprint.

That there were 12 not just the 4 Nucleotide Base Pairs that scientist currently see. These other 8 base pairs have yet to redevelop as we continue to repair our DNA Template to its original 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA configuration.

We next covered that like the 12 Sub-Frequency bands that each dimension contains, each DNA strand also has 12 Sub-Strand frequency bands just like the dimensions contained. Theses sub-strand frequency strands were broken into 12 magnetic particle units called “Base Codes” and 12 electrical anti-particle units called “Acceleration Codes” for a total of 24 codes per DNA strand. (I find it curious this number “24” as it has a biblical reference to the “24 Elders before the throne”)
I spoke of the Seed Crystal Seals as these minute tiny units of specialized inter-dimensional frequency that are located in the centre of each Chakra and which serve as seals to keep the morphogenetic field or the form holding imprint or formula within each dimension, contained and separate from each of the other dimensions. They control the SPEED at which the Merkaba will rotate and effect energy on a horizontal level.

I next brought into the picture the Star Crystal Seals that were midway between the Chakras as well as between the DNA strands and control the angle of rotation of particle spin as well as the angle at which the dimensional Merkaba field will spin. Once this seal is released, it allows the dimensionally separated morphogenetic fields from two separate dimensions to merge. This allows consciousness to migrate from one dimension to the next dimension above.

Finally we spoke about the Fire Codes. The Fire Codes too are placed between the Chakras and correspond to the Star Crystal Seals and with the release of the Star Crystal Seal, the Fire Code associated with the seal, is brought into activation. Activation of the Fire Code begins the processes of the fusing together of the 12 Base magnetic Codes with the 12 Electrical Acceleration Codes beginning the processes of DNA strand braiding.

Now before I get into the DNA transduction sequence that allows for Dimensional Harmonic Ascension I need to briefly cover a topic that I have not yet covered but which is an intrinsic aspect of the DNA activation, DNA strand braiding and dimensional blending that occurs during an ascension cycle.

This is the topic of Merkaba and electro-magnetic vortex mechanics. Big words for a big topic. But I hope to keep it simple at this stage. I will do a more complete coverage on this subject in a later program. But for now I will simply give as much as is necessary for this topic.

Merkaba and Merkaba mechanics are a vital part of everything that is in manifest form. Everything we see has this interdimensional structure. Everyone has seen the Jewish symbol called the “Star of David” This 6 pointed star was in existence way before it became popularly known within the Jewish culture.

This image of the 6 pointed star paints a general picture of just what this Symbol Code truly represents.

In ancient times this Keylontic Symbol Code, along with a multitude of others, was called a Geomancy. Geomancies are the “living” subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter. They act as formulas or templates or better yet, the actual blue prints that represent the building blocks of matter itself.

This particular geomancy known today as the Star of David is a symbol code that carries the frequency of the 12th dimension within the Kathara Grid that is known as the Maharata Current, an essential element in the restoration of the 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA configuration as well as within the process of ascension itself.

Now what is a Merkaba?
In simple terms, a Merkaba is a set of counter-rotating electromagnetic fields that surrounds and is in within everything we see. From a blade of grass to the human body, from a pencil to a planet, everything in physicality has a Merkaba.

In the Star of David we see two triangles one upright and one upside down. Both superimposed one over the other.

The triangle with the point at the top is composed of an anti-particle, clock-wise rotating electrical spiral. It is considered a masculine energy spiral and pulls frequency from the sun downward into the centre of the planet.

The triangle with the point at the bottom is composed of a particle, counter-clockwise rotating magnetic spiral. It is considered a feminine energy spiral and moves energy up and out into space.
The spin ratios are very important. There are other teachings out there that advocate various distortions to the ratios I am about to give you. Please be aware that these teachings may not be giving you all the facts and details regarding Merkaba and you should really do your homework before attempting any exercises that directly manipulate your Merkaba.

The spin ratios that are considered an eternal life sustaining Kristic ratio is as follows.
The top electrical downward clock-wise spiral rotates at a speed of 33 1/3 RTN (this stands for Revolutions per Trillionth of a Nano Second or a Trillion-Billion revolutions per second).
The bottom magnetic upward counter-clockwise spiral rotates at a speed of 11 2/3rd RTN or a Trillion-Billion revolutions per second.

In the centre of the Merkaba field is where the form of an object is created.
In terms of DNA accretion and Dimensional ascension, we will look at Merkaba in this fashion.
Dimension 1 has a dimensional Merkaba.
Dimension 2 has a dimensional Merkaba.
Dimension 3 has a dimensional Merkaba.
Now surrounding these three individual Merkabas is the Density 1 Merkaba.
You could say it would look something like the diagram below.

Notice how the north and south alignment on each Dimensional Merkaba shifts as you move upwards from one dimension to the next? This is very important as you will see when this whole ascension processes gets triggered into activation. You will most often hear me speak of this shift as a “shift in the angular rotation of particle spin”.

Just one more detail regarding the Merkaba before get into explaining where in the transduction sequence the Merkaba fits.

We know that the Merkaba has two counter rotating electromagnetic spiralling fields of energy. You have also seen in the centre of the Merkaba a circle that we have called the Form Constant. This is where the physical form of any structure is created.
In ancient Egyptian “Mer” means Light, “Ka” means Spirit, and “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit/Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light and is a vehicle to transport one’s physical body through a Star Gate from one dimension to another.

So now we will head back to how this transduction sequence occurs.
Step one beginning with the Dimension 1 Merkaba Field in our first Harmonic Universe.
The Seed Crystal Seed in the centre of the first Chakra releases or activates. This in turn begins the processes of starting the counter rotating spin speed of the First Dimension Merkaba.
How it does this are through the 12 Acceleration Codes and the 12 Base Codes. Each acceleration code forms a minute clock-wise rotating spiral of electrical anti-particle energy and the Base Code also forms a minute counter clock-wise spiral of magnetic particle energy.
Between each Base Code and corresponding Acceleration Code we have 12 Vector Codes that are responsible for receiving, mixing and transmitting the particle and anti-particle energy of the code pairs when they join.

There comes a point in this gradual accretion of energy when the Star Crystal Seal, which is mid-way between Chakra 1 and Chakra 2, triggers and activates. As the code pairs continue to fuse and the speed of the Merkaba Field continues to increase, the Star Crystal Seals begin the shift of the Merkaba’s Angular Rotation of Particle Spin (ARPS) and begins to align the Dimension 1 Merkaba field with the Dimension 2 Merkaba field.

Now something interesting also begins to occur.
As the Dimension 1′s Merkaba field shifts its’ ARPS to align itself with the 2 Dimension’s Merkaba field, the all encompassing Density 1 Merkaba field that encases all three Dimensional Merkaba fields, also begins to shift its ARPS in conjunction with the shifting of the first Merkaba field.
Once all 12 code pairs of the first dimension have completed their joining processes though the 144 smaller vector codes within the 12 Code Pairs, and with the consummation of Dimension 1, Chakra 1 and DNA strand 1 is completed, the Initiation stage of Dimension 2, Chakra 2 and DNA Strand 2 commences with the release of the Seed Crystal Seal in the centre of Chakra two.
Once again, this whole processes is repeated with Dimension 2, Chakra 2 and DNA strand 2 and the 12 Code Pairs that are contained within DNA Strand 2 begin their joining and accreting of frequency all controlled and guided through the 144 vector codes.

Again the speed of the 2nd Dimensional Merkaba begins to pick up speed and at a certain accretion level, triggers the Star Crystal Seed that is mid-way between Chakra 2 and 3 or midway between DNA strands 2 and 3, to begin it function of shifting the ARPS of the 2nd dimensional Merkaba. As the 2nd Dimensional Merkabas’ ARPS shifts, so too does the all encompassing Density 1 Merkaba continues its’ shift in APRS.

Upon consummation of the 2nd Dimension, 2nd Chakra and 2nd DNA strand, the Initiation of DNA Strand 3, Dimension 3 and Chakra 3 begins and the processes repeats itself once again.
In very simple terms something wonderful occurs at this stage.

Once you have completed the consummation of DNA Strand 3 and the shifting of all three Dimensional Merkabas have taken place and have shifted the ARPS of the all encompassing Density 1 Merkaba field, this Density 1 Merkaba field is now in direct alignment with the yet to be activated Density 2 all encompassing Merkaba field which contains the Merkabas for Dimensions 4, 5,  and 6. and the merging of density one with density 2 can now occur. Now you have attained sufficient speed within your Density 1 Merkaba to allow for Star gate Transit and Ascension into Density 2, harmonic Universe 2 and will begin the process of accreting frequencies of DNA Strand 4.

Now let us go back to the functioning vector codes in this processes to give a bit more on how the DNA functions.

As stated above, the 12 Vector Codes between each of the 12 Code Pairs function as receivers, mixers and transmitters of the particle and anti-particle scalar frequency that enters the strand template through the Code Pairs. Now when everything was functioning properly and there were no mutations, the scalar frequencies within the Vector Codes would build and accrete until a critical mass is accumulated. Whereupon the 12 Vector Codes associated with each Code Pair, Keylon and Fire Letter would create the 12 (not 4) Nucleotide base chemicals of the natural Base-12 Angelic Human genetic alphabet.

When all 12 vector Codes were active and no mutations were present blocking any of the Vector Codes; with all Vector Codes in proper sequence, their pathways were completely open allowing the 12 Sub-Frequency bands in each dimension to flow unobstructed between the Base Codes and the Acceleration Codes in each Code Pair, Keylon and Fire Letter.

Now when we look at the number of chromosomes that the human form contains, which is 23, and given the fact that we exist in a three dimensional harmonic universe, the human form at this level should have a total of 36 chromosomes not 23. With all the mutations we have been forced to endure and more particularly since the checkerboard mutation that occurred in 25,500 BC, with the Lucifer Rebellion, we have a long way to go before we can rebuild these missing 13 chromosomes.

There is still quite a bit more that the Guardians have shared regarding our DNA but this will be for a future program


updated images to Original ones. 
provided by Ron Mayer 
and used with permission

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