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Ascension and The Kathara Grid

June 29, 2013 Ron Mayer 
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Ascension and The Kathara Grid
Information from tonight’s topic is taken from
the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Freedom teachings
as scribed by Ashayana Dean.

Its 5 o’clock in the morning and it’s still pitch black. You shut off your alarm clock, turn on the bedside lamp and slowly get out of bed. You stand and stretch for a moment and then you remember with excitement, you will be in Fiji in just a little over 22 hours. It’s a long flight but one you have done a number of times in the past to one of your favorite vacations spots.

You trod off to the rest room and in your mind you make a final mental checklist of all the things you have been organizing for weeks that you will need to make this vacation the best one yet!

Pass ports                 -           check
Boarding pass          -           check
Camera                     -           check
MP3 player               -           check
Hotel reservations -           check
Travel excursions    -           check
Map of the island    -           check, check
I must remember to pack my electric razor and the rest of my toiletries once I have finished using them this morning.          -            Check

In that moment you realize that it takes quite a bit of planning and preparation before going on a simple 2 week vacation. You’ve taken great care in knowing all aspects of the trip. How to get from point A to point B. What the weather will be like so you pack the appropriate clothing. You have taken care of everything that you will need to have a pleasant journey as well as a joyful exciting time while you are there.

Now this you do for just a simple two week vacation but what do you do for the most important trip you will ever make in this life time? The most important trip you will ever make in any life time on this planet?

This most important trip that I speak of is the one called Ascension.

What exactly do most people know about ascension?
What is ascension?
When does this voyage happen?
How will this happen?
And perhaps the most compelling question of all?
Just exactly where is it that I am going when I ascend?

To answer any of these questions we will have to explore a little more about something called a Kithara Grid. For this the Kathara Grid is indeed a “road map” if you will and can be used to indicate just where you go when you ascend. In fact, the Kathara Grid not only functions as a map within the structure of the “God Worlds” themselves, but is also used to show many other facets of our biology, including Merkaba mechanics to forming your personal “Pillar of Power” to Lotus Arc breathing, to the TiL-e-’a Sphere or the real Christ Consciousness Grid that surrounds the planet. You will find that as we continue to explore the world of Keylontic Science that this Kathara Grid will present itself more and more on both the micro as well as on the macro levels of these various structures.
Now, I will attempt to describe just what this Kathara Grid looks like but for those of you who’s consciousness are more stimulated by visuals, you will find all of tonight’s diagrams on our Facebook page at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ For those listeners tonight that are not near a computer and are perhaps just using their cell phone, when you get a chance after tonight’s program, take a look at the diagrams to better understand just what I am about to describe to you.

The Kathara Grid looks like a six sided diamond shaped hexagon where the points of the hexagon are at the top and the bottom. This shape is then streched out where the shape is twice as long as it is wide. It is perfectly constructed and perfectly balanced. The shape must be very precise for this shape is duplicated and joined together in such a way that if the shape is slightly misshaped or if it is missing any elements, the structure looses is cohesive integrity and will not be able to create an energetic structure that is eternal and energetically connected to creator in what is called the Star Step Creation pattern or the Maps of the God Worlds.
Kathara Grid SS #1 19JUN2013

By Ron Mayer

Upon this structure are 12 Kathara Centers known as Signets. These signets are numbered 1 through to 12 and represent the dimensions 1 through 12 that make up the Kathara 12 Tree Grid. You all have seen the seven primary colors of the chakras. There are an additional 5 more colors in the wave spectra that are added here for a total of 12 colors or wave spectra in this 12 Tree Grid. They are as follows from the lowest to the highest they are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet-Blue or Indigo blue, Violet, Gold, Silver, Blue black, Silver-black and White. As I mentioned above each Signet associates with one dimension, one chakra and 1 DNA strand.

What I have described so far is a fairly basic and simple structure right?

Now, each Signet represents 1 dimension for a total of 12 signets and 12 dimensions. A dimension is a scalar standing wave pattern that pulses or flashes on and off at a particular rate for each dimension or Signet.

Dimension 1 would have a slower flashing on and off cycle, called a flash line sequence, than dimension two for instance. The higher up the dimensional scale you go the faster this flashing on and off cycles or flash line sequences happens.

Now along with the 12 Signets we also have connecting lines that run between the signets. Here we have 12 plus 3 additional lines for a total of 15 lines that are called Kathara lines and they are responsible for distributing the Kathara lines energetic frequencies from one Signet to the next.
The three additional Kathara Lines bring in the energies of dimensions 13, 14 and 15. Collectively these three additional dimensions are the three Primal Light Fields called the Kee-Ra-ShA . The color frequencies of the dimensions 13, 14 and 15 are as follows; 13 is pale turquoise. The 14th dimension is pale yellow and the 15th dimension is pale magenta/pink. All 15 dimensions make up one 15 Dimensional Time Matrix.

At this point many of our listeners will most likely have to look at the diagram I have posted on our Facebook page to clearly see just what this all looks like and how it all fits together, as it is now getting a bit more complicated.

Kathara Grid SS #2color 19JUN2013

By Ron Mayer
Now, I have stated that we have 12 dimensions in the Kathara Grid but we also have dimensions 13 and 14 and 15. We can see just where the 13, 14 and 15th Kathara Lines fit into this 12 Tree Grid but just where do the Dimensions 13, 14 and 15 fit in? And is there any more to this structure?
Yes there is, we’re not quite finished yet.

Remember earlier in our discussion last week I mentioned that there was more than just one Kathara grid and that this grid would be duplicated with exactly the same structure as the original 12 tree structure?        Let me explain.

I will now give a little more information on the structure we have been building so far. We have 12 signets representing 12 dimensions. This we see in the original 12 tree grid construct. Now we get to build the next 12 tree grid which will connect to our first 12 tree grid. This second 12 tree grid will commence with Dimension 13 and will be placed in the same location at the bottom of this 2 grid where the 1st dimension appears in the first grid.
Kathara Grid SS #5 grey two grids 19JUN2013

By Ron Mayer
At the bottom of the 2nd 12 tree grid we begin with dimensions 13, 14 and 15. Now we have just 9 more bands to add to the 3 dimensions that we already have. These 9 additional bands are not considered dimensions in the way we have described the dimensions above. These 9 bands are also broken down into 3 groups of three bands each. These three groupings form what is called the Khundaray or the Primal Sound Fields. These three levels called the Khundaray completely encase or surround the structure of the 15 dimensional Time Matrix itself.
The first level or from the top down you have,

1)    Primal Sound Fields of the Khundaray
a)    Eckatic level
b)    Polaric level
c)    Triadic level
2)    Primal Light Fields of the Kee-Ra-ShA
a)    D-13 – pale turquoise– Blue Flame
b)    D-14 – pale yellow – Gold flame
c)    D-15 – pale magenta/pink – Violet Flame
Collectively these flames are considered ‘The Holy Trinity” or ‘The Three Fold Flame”
3)    Maharata – Hydroplasmic Liquid Light fields
a)    D12 – white
b)    D11 – blue black
c)    D10 – silver black
Collectively  we are dealing with pale silver
4)    Antahkarana – Universal Kundalini
Dimensions 1 through 9

On this next diagram I show just how the 2nd Kathara Grid that contains the Primal Sound and Light fields and how it has shifted 90 degrees to the Kathara Grid below it. Remember its’ 13th dimension is superimposed over top of the 12 dimension. Now you see that not only are 12 and 13 connected but after the 90 degree shift Dimensions 9 and 15 are too now connected. This symmetrical balancing of the Signets is very important as you will see.

Below you see two Kathara grids connected at the 12 and 13 Signet. Each Kathara Grid is one quadrant of a structure called a Universal Veca. In this diagram you have 7 Heavens or Manifestation fields. Dimensions 1, 2, and 3 make up one Heaven as well as Harmonic Universe 1. Dimensions 4, 5, and 6 make up Harmonic Universe 2 and Heaven 2. Dimension’s 7, 8, and 9 make up Harmonic universe 3 and heaven 3. Now Dimensions 10, 11, 12, make up Harmonic Universe 4 and dimensions 13, 14 and 15 make up Harmonic Universe 5, however dimensions 10 thought to 15 make up what is called a Central Heaven which is considered the 4th heaven.

Then each of the Primal Sounds fields, the Ecatic, the Polaric and the Triadic Sound Fields are each considered 1 heaven each for a total of 7 heavens. Now you know just what is being referred to when people speak of seven heavens.
Kathara Grid SS #3 2 Veca Quadrants color 19JUN2013

By Ron Mayer
There are other forms of this Grid that are out there and have been around for thousands of years. One of these forms is the Kabbalah or what the Guardians have dubbed, “the artificial tree of life”. The Kabbalah comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are narrower and some longer. Some have either 9 10, or  sometimes 11 signets that they call Sefirot. Some signets are completely reversed order starting with the 10 Sefirot at the bottom instead of ending at the top suggesting complete reversal and complete phase lock into a fallen probability of Earth called Phantom Earth. The most common form is the 10 Sefirot Kabbalah. This is a reflection of when the Human race suffered a major set-back in evolution when Humanity went from a 12 code pulse to a 10 code pulse in 208,216 BC It is interesting to note that we used to have six digits per hand. We had four fingers and two thumbs per hand. The second thumb was next to the little finger. So instead of 20 fingers and toes we had 24.

So today you see the 10 Sefirot Kabbalah which is missing the 8th Signet (which is considered the Monad) as well as the all-important 12th signet. This 12th signet is the only Signet that directly connects to the 13th dimension and the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Light Fields of dimensions 13, 14, and 15. Without this ALL important link in the chain of energy that connects the two Kathara Grids,  you no longer have the eternal life supporting energies being recirculated from Creator. You have broken this link between you and Creator that would naturally support an eternal life system and now have devolved into a finite life system where death becomes the norm and reincarnation a necessity.
If it is true healing and true ascension you want you will need to work with the Kathara Grid in order to begin healing these mutations with the 12th dimensional energies which is called the Maharata Ray. This All-Important Maharata Ray was finally made available to the planet recently.
This final diagram represent the first level of the maps of the God Worlds.
Kathara Grid SS #4 4 Veca Quadrants and Ecka color 19JUN2013
By Ron Mayer
By Ron Mayer
In the first act of creation when Creator split the smallest unit of consciousness called the Partiki. He splits this Partiki into two polarities or fields in the act of fission. On one side you have the “Particum” or the particle universe where we have our existence, and then you have the Anti-particle universe, the “Partika” on the other side. What I have been describing so far is only our side of this equation. The Particum side.  The “Partika” side of creation is the other half that is the Anti-Particle universe which is opposite in expression from our universe. It is a like looking into a mirror and seeing the other universe. Here left becomes right and right becomes left. Creator then pulls these two units back into Itself in an act of fusion to become  its original Omi-Polar, Ante-matter Partiki unit. This is the flashing on and off cycle that I mentioned earlier.

This other side of creation is called the “Parallel Universe”. And forms a mirror like duplicate structure. And with it 2 more additional Vecas to created our 4  quadrant Universal Veca structure as seen in the final diagram above. Our particle universe is in blue, and the Anti-particle universe is in green. These two Vecas all connect at the center through the 12 and 13th dimensions of both universes.

This is the reason why the structure of the Grid must be proportionally accurate. For if there are any distortion in this grid, like with the traditional Kabbalah, then the structure does not function the way it was originally intended to and the eternal life structure becomes a finite structure.
Well that’s it for tonight program. Next week I will continue to explain more about this structure. Like just what is this tiny black grid in the center called Inner earth and why is it important? I will also begin to explain a little about Merkaba mechanics for it is in understand electromagnetic vortex mechanics that you will begin to understand just where you go in ascension and how you get there.

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