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Tribal Shield + Cue Zones Activation*

Tribal Shield-Cue Zones Activation*

Cue Zones
Cue Zones” are locations on Earth where a small portion of Earth’s D-12 Shield of Aramatena Christos Divine Blueprint has been re-set within Earth’s Planetary Shields. During Stellar Activations Cycles, Cue Zones can be manually set by individuals or groups by running the D-12 Maharata Current, activating the Tribal Shield to draw in the Khundaray Primal Sound frequencies, then singing the 12-Tribes Master Psonns Suffixes, one can then allow the “Song of the Christos Soul“, the tones of the personal D-12 Maharic Shield (the “Elohei-Elohim Within”) to run into the Planetary Shields. The personal Soul Song will create a “Back Song” transmission of frequency from Earth’s Planetary Shields, as set of healing frequencies sent back to you in response to activating your Soul Song in Earth’s Planetary Shields. Once set, Cue Zones will remain for a period of 3½ to 5 years, depending on strength of energy original set. They can be recharged using the same “setting” procedure to last indefinitely.

 Cue Zones are “safe zone” areas on the Planet that are protected from interdimensional interference. They can be used to amplify effects of energy healing applications, to “charge objects and substances with sub-harmonics of D-12 Christos frequency and when used with the personal Eckasha Maharic Seal, to get clear, protected “meditation space” free from interdimensional interference. Cue Zones are “keyed” to Earth’s Planetary TemplarCue Sites“, the activation sites for Earth’s 12 Primary Star Gates, which exist on regions of Earth that correspond to the 12 Primary Star Gates of Inner Earth. They can be used as “connection portals” to the portals of Inner Earth territories to establish telepathic rapport with Inner Earth Guardian Races and in case of global crisis, they can be used as unencumbered “pick up points” for portal evacuation to Inner Earth.
Creating a Cue Zone

1. Choose location and activate a personal “Eckasha Maharic Seal” to run the D-12 Maharata Current in your body.

2. Once you can feel sensation of Maharata Current running (or if not yet “feeling” but have activated your Maharic Seal, will be sufficient), sing-tone 12-Tribes Master Psonns for Tribe-12 and Tribe-1 to activate Tribal Shields Flame Codes in your DNA Template to run the “Rainbow Ray”. Direct Pale Silver Maharata Current and Rainbow Ray pale color spectrum through body and out soles of feet into Earth’s Planetary Shields. Tone for a while to build critical mass of frequency. Begin toning soft and slow and increase the speed and volume to reach a peak critical mass point. Once critical mass is reached then start to bring the toning down. Slowing the speed and decreasing the volume.
3. Use a selected combination of 3 Master Psonns Suffixes and tone for a while, running sound through body and feet into Earth’s grids.

(Avoid the Suffix combination of Tribe 4-7-10 used in that sequence to avert present distortions in Earth’s grids that run on this mathematical coding.)

Begin toning soft and slow and increase the speed and volume to reach a peak critical mass point. Once critical mass is reached then start to bring the toning down. Slowing the speed and decreasing the volume.

4. Allow the Christos Soul Song to emerge from you “free style” and send the tones into Earth’s grids. This is what ever you feel like expressing in the way of tones. It may be one tone or it may be several. Just let if flow from you as you feel guided.

5. When complete, sit quietly for a while and listen for the Earth’s telepathically transmitted “Back Song”, drawing its gentle frequencies into your body for healing. You may physically hear tones, you may physically feel energy running into your body or you may not experience anything. What ever the result or non result of feeling is, the healing energy WILL be running through your body.

6. Close with singing several rounds of the 3 Master Psonns Suffixes that you opened with. Begin toning soft and slow and increase the speed and volume to reach a peak critical mass point. Once critical mass is reached then start to bring the toning down. Slowing the speed and decreasing the volume. The Cue Zone you have set will extend out from your position in a radius of about 5 yards and will last 3½ to 5 years depending on the strength of energy you used in setting the Cue Zone

7. To amplify the strength of the Cue Zone you can use the Sacred ManU Salutations Merkaba Spins.

The Real 12-Tribe Names
The 12 Sacred Master Psonns

for activating the 144 Fire Letters of the Tribal Shield Flame Codes in
the 12-Strand DNA Template

Plus Master Tone Activation Suffix
Please Note* you can download wave files that are an example of creating a Cue Zone from the files section of the Yahoo Keylontic Science Egroup, once you become a member of this group. You can hear the complete sequence of this Cue Zone on the Mechanics of Manifestation Workshop MM/12CD or MM/6DVD on the product list. ,

Correct Spelling English Tone Translation and Suffix
12. A-reah-Azurta 12. a-RI-a-Zoor-ta-  Rha
11. Zephar-Duun-Atur 11. ze-far-Doon a-Tur-   Dha
10. Ma’ah-hu-ta 10. Ma-a hoo ta-  Khu
9. Yun Zu-Xen 9. Yu-Un Zoo-Zen  Ke
8. Chia Zhun Zan La-Yung 8. ChE’ ah-Zoon Yan LA-Yoong’   OM
7.Mahata-Agrah 7.ME hah’ ta a’g-ra  OE
6.Ramyana-Shridveta 6. rah ma yah na shrid vE’ Da  UM
5.Ionatu-Etillah 5. I O’ Na too et il’ a  EU
4.Nuagu Hali 4. Noo ah’ goo ha’ LE  Ka
3. Amekasan-Etur 3. a ME’ ka sun  e too’r  DO
2. Ma a ha’ LE – BrU’ A  EL 2. Ma a ha’ LE – BrU’ A  EL
1. Isutu-Esheau 1. I sU’ too E’ shoo   UR

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MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Council Summary: About the Uby race and "Christos destruction" Agenda

MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Council Summary: About the Uby race and "Christo destruction" Agenda

2012-6-7 the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Roundup: about the Uby race and "Christos destruction" agenda


(2012-06-08 13:31:10) 

Category: Translation!topic/mceo-alhumbhra-mc/ZKVXTqi-qW4
MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Summary
Translation: Black Jack

Words Notes:

1. Nightmares incubi (plural incubus)
2 succubus succubi (plural succubus)

"Chambers English Dictionary, 2003, a new version provides the following general definition:

Nightmare: alleged incarnation for men and women sleep with them roll sheets. -814 Page
Succubus: alleged incarnation as women, men sleep with them roll sheets. -1651 Page

MCEO freedom of teaching, a more thorough explanation of these words; 2005-2007 given Thetan, Bourgha, Equari and "U-by the fall of race-related, these races from E-Umbi time cracks and Micca-Mecca-composite black hole / wormhole network entry. The "Nightmare Succubus fall of the race" unified called "Ubys. "Ubys / Succubus / Dream Morocco" and related terms in this reply Finally, "MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils 2012-6-7 Summary" below, provides an overview of the pointed out at the earliest when and where appeared in MCEO free teaching.

The MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils 2012-6-7 A Summary
About Uby race and Christos destruction agenda

A Wa-ZE-yenta and Wha-JhE'A-Ta FAtalE mixed-blood the fall of Equari-phim/Uby family of system, the use of the the "Brenta de-Leu-ra ion synthesizer" and "false reverse violet ion beam" (2012 April and May seminar mentioned), Solomon nursing field, green, purple ring break in August 2011. Racial infiltration FAtalE-Uby 入阿奎菲莱恩 Eucharist retaining field of purple, green core and ring, there gradually spread the Dark Flower disaster ".

It is precisely because this dark flower of disaster, and thus with clear actions to support FAtalE "destroy the Christos Eucharist agenda, so the invitation moderate warning of the April 2012 workshop and healing, MCEO seminar in May 2012 was permanently lift the contract 2,3 spokesman. This is the May 2012 seminar, all the MCEO Kathara client meeting / teaching activities / module project and all MCEO spiritual granted St., baptisms, weddings, etc. "is the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils formally suspended reason, until further notice (until after the review and take remedial measures), which is to protect the public, to avoid FAtalE frequency transmission to promote their "destruction" Christo agenda.

Currently, FAtalE intend of the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils and MCEO spokesman publicly slander in an attempt to shift the public teaching of the Tan-Tri-A'jha the MCEO (turn translated from Al-Hum-Bhra crystal disk, you can trust to protect or assist in the response to the dark flower disaster sacred DhA-ya-TEi planes Ascension Star Gate mechanics and Kristol plasma treatment more applications), hiding the truth from the public teaching is unorthodox. The MCEO-Ma-Sha-Ya-Hana / AL-Hum-Bhra FAtalE intend framed Divine Tan-the Tri-A'jha Ascension Star Gate teach is "recognized stellar roll sheets false teachings", this is a downright lie; MCEO teaching will not be "recognized stellar roll sheets MCEO seminar recently focused sacred Tan-Tri-A'jha teach, is to focus on the" the Ascension Star Gate energy running mechanics, the 'Patra and NE-A "Dra' action "from October 11, 2011, the MCEO India seminar confirmed, and does not involve rolling sheets practice.

FAtalE attempt to slander MCEO seminar in August 2011 - the skater 11 introduced the the MCEO-Tan-Tri-A'jha taught big reason is because they want to deception induced the public to think about the "MCEO spokesman are false message released in August 2011, and 'spokesman has not credible', so that they can 'hijack MCEO free teaching, and Kathara projects' and delete compiled from August 2011 onwards given all the information. " FAtalE are trying to "delete compiled or distorted the MCEO Mary - Sand - Ya - Hana Parliament released in April 2012, August 2011 Solomon purple / green ring behind the nursing field message", MCEO Mary - Sand - Ya - Hana August 2011 Edict of active Al-Hum-Bhra Security Covenant, The the 2011 India seminar began operation the MCEO-Tan Tri-A'jha plasma healing Applied Technology, May 2012 MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra The release the historical archives all Cosminyahas level of the permanent lifting of 2,3 spokesman before MCEO contract Magistracy Councils announced, and now the MCEO-Al-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils in May 2012 the "open Cosminyahas hall.

These "can not be changed Cosminyahas files" the disclosure of information, in particular, will endanger like John the Baptist, Jesus -9 "the reputation of the famous historical figures, because according to Cosminyahas hall of the file is displayed, they should bear in" Christ Ji destruction "during the" the Christos mission "" sowing the fall the 666 FAtale anti Christo gene Line and responsibility reproduce today (mentioned in the file, FAtalE and Anunnaki distort the planet has been deleted compiled " Halls of Amenti records "and" CDT message disc 11 "). Not only disclosed Cosminyahas hall files more historical "" We have lost / altered, but also let the plasma frequency take this "the download Cosminyahas hall files and load them into the core of the Earth and Planetary Halls of Amenti, which will gradually activation of non-coding DNA and gene mulching dormant in Christos factor, which will allow more people, including people who are suffering from the darkness of flowers disaster, to repair their the Christos DNA code sequence out of the current "55 - speed - Metatron-NET-DNA bound, through the Crystal River Eucharist DhA-Ya-TEI planes Star Gate, hosted Ascension.

In FAtalE-Uby plan, they actually are trying to defame the MCEO-AL-Hum-BhraMagistracy Councils and their designated representatives, their plan is to:

A. an attempt to take over the the MCEO free teaching / Kathara project, specified FAtalE as "false summit" and deliberately delete knitting distorted part of MCEO Freedom Teaching and the the MCEO sacred Tan-Tri-A'jha teach. They intend to delete compiled and blockade orthodox MCEO transmission in August 2011, "slander and thus erase the parliament first the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils, abuse of the Kathara healing system, the use of I do not know love people to create and promoting the dark-flowering catastrophe , and to implement their own mathematical applications and false 'Uby trademark' false 'Tantric roll sheets teach', Ann inserted before the August 2011 the MCEO free teaching .

B. an attempt to block the public's awareness and shake the public mood, a never changeable Cosminyahas file transfer translates data to impede "the awakening of the collective mind, because once these" lost history part was sent also to become the collective consensus " awakening "will eventually happen.

C. In particular, they want to try to prevent further frequency the anchor Cosminyahas hall (by possible large-scale, long-distance, quickly spread dark flower Awakening "... in an attempt to control the collective DNA activation, rewritten in 2012, "blockade" of the "reverse purple, green ring Solomon Eucharist care field", May hope in the field of nursing Solomon residual Christos part into Metatron reversed generated.) now MCEO-AL-activated under the Hum-Bhra security, it will not be realized; but this is probably not stop them try ...

FAtalE of all farce To ensure FAtalE-Uby victory in the December 21, 2012, dragged into the Earth and its life field Daytona cracks deformed space-time system calibration. FAtalE-Uby etc., 'from which black hole to which black holes on the back to go ', but unfortunately this is not very likely. Yes ah, we are now in 2012 ... and it is under our eyes the final conflict drama "staged (this war for some of us it is located very close to or visit the battlefield").

Here is the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils guardian are "little advice" ...

"You may not be able to identify a FAtalE-Uby (individual) or a fall of by name or looks, but if you look at you through their words and deeds Identification them. Guardian have just given us all a basic plan on FAtalE-Uby "gentle reminder" They're trying to proceed to take over of the MCEO Freedom  Teachings / Kathara and the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Council representatives and MCEO first spokesman break faith "; actually prevent the public from further access to the orthodox MCEO teaching, while attempting to obstruct the" Download Cosminyahas hall Files to Earth. All in order to "get 2012-12-21 the FAtalE Altona cracks victory" (in fact, they realize not), and then continue their history "collective - the mind - control - Metatron-NET" game.

Now, we can not say the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils "did not give us advance warning" ... We all have the right to choose our Union ... I hope we can be a wise choice.

1999-2012, The MCEO Freedom Teachings, she has used in the past Ubys, Succubus, nightmares, and related terms

Ubys (nightmares and Succubus) first appeared in MCEO Freedom Teaching "in January 2005 arose mission -8 / evacuation standby" Earth drama is added to the "EcKasha dragon war" (Equari Ubys , Thetans), Bourgha-Budhara treaty, they take this "triple -9 - complex" (January 2005 India Seminar) is activated, and began to open to the Earth temple Micca-Mecca E-Umbi time to crack the entrance and a black hole / wormhole System. Relevant information to continue Tenerife seminar in February 2006, April 2006 Easter Symposium, 2007 1-4 month courses throughout the 1-4 order "Aquafereion 12 tribes", after this period each appear kinds seminar.

Earth dramas today fall Equari Ubys and Thetans implicated, and they activated Micca-Mecca the compound body the entrance and E-umbi time cracks ultimately caused 2007-3-25 the sun Bahaduoe the beginning of the cycle, which have need Crystal River Eucharist is contained the evacuation mission. From the Christ Ji began, Uby-FAtalE Wa-ZE-yenta and Wha-JhE-Ata, has been relevant and "the planet Fall 666 race gene line"; "Fall of factor planting began in Atlantis, and discipline in Christ proliferation Fall of -666 potential. " "FAtalE avatar" have a DN2 to DN5 the fall of Equari-phim/Uby mestizo "overlord" elements adhesion properties. They are with us in the to Christos and Crystal River Eucharist mission as an attack target. In 1999, they started their global core staff and key operator "dark flower of awakening; expedite progress in 2009-2011, when they succeeded in" the destruction of the the Solomon planet Eucharist care field green, purple ring "; Beginning in 2011, the dark flower of awakening to accelerate further, but at the planetary level "has not completely full bloom". Security in the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils, Christos Crystal River Eucharist mission still stands. Yes ... we are living in 2012 ...

AL-Hum-Bhra MC Moderator

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