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Important statement August 2012 Seminar announcement

Important statement -2012 August seminar announcement

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Yi Aisuo important statement – August 2012 seminar announcement

Important Clarifications on Techniques from E’Asha – post 8-12 Workshop

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Recently, serious problem hidden in the the Tams mail comments … she actively recommend new or “in the prior to” priority flame body technology. This is not a good suggestion!

In peacetime, the flame body technology is good … they will be as usual onset … that is continuing to promote and enhance the activation of the light body and the corresponding DNA template. Nothing wrong with that (the Crystal River Eucharist Parliament requires an immediate response.) This is because [the current situation is that since August 8, 2011, the Solomon nursing field green & purple ring in operation the meteorite falling (FAtaLE) reverse purple plasma frequency. ] If people previously have not yet activated light body structure without first “1 plasma body Crystal River Eucharist connection (1st PLASMA-BODY KRHOST LINKS)” (technology) released since 2012 from the Hanukkah began flame body technology, the flame body technology without discrimination “to promote and enhance the light body and the corresponding DNA template” activated “…

… Which means, if a person accidentally operation even small percentage of Metatron reverse purple frequency (in this case it is most people, especially those with purple or green care field DNA template coding people), in the “single use” flame body “technology, not only will promote and enhance them to bring some Kristal coding will” promote and enhance “They brought in frequency of inverse purple is.

For Christo factor weak people, this will be a gene on the Ascension disaster, because “to promote and enhance their existing reverse DNA template encoding, will allow the meteorite falling into” disaster ” The weakness of exponential growth. I read TH distributed to the public part of the Mail in the letter, she encourages people to use flame body technology, but no mention of the first to use plasma of running technology (2012 Guangming postganglionic) the AMCC-MCEO’s, guardian who is now I am aware of this danger. Guardians say this technology to provide comprehensive guidance from the results of their observations, “no malicious omission is not accidental. This is a meteorite falling intentional abuse our part MCEO teach in part to encourage the “nurture the darkness of the flower garden.

Before the damage occurred, the guardian who can remedy this situation, “the most efficient and simple method, that is, to use the most powerful the AMCC-MCEO Crystal River Eucharist plasma operation technology. Currently, the technology of recording ["longer" A Ruiyi - Arui Aspen - A Ru-Marne - Christo crystal species atomic core Journey (The "LONG-RUN" JOURNEY to the ARI-ARhAYas AL -Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom), from a seminar on August 11, 2012, nearly one hour] can be in AMCC online discussion groups for free download. The technology (and the protection it provides) the people who need it can quickly fled this situation. Even if people only operation once a tour of this core technology “, it will start to activate the the Crystal River Eucharist core ion” (8 SunAlliance energy flow) “K +8 factor” (reference to the August 2012 Seminar will be a description), which will own light body and the corresponding DNA template completely to prevent any further “dark flower”.

If you use the latest (August 2012, 20-21) “A Ruiyi - Arie Elias - A Ru the Marne trip” technology, and then use the “Flame Body” technology, flame body technology will faithfully usual onset “-” to promote and enhance the activation of the Light Body / DNA template, but flame body only “to promote and enhance  the Küsters Ming Nasi (Cosminyahas) core plasma 1/8 joint solar energy flow Christo frequency, rather than the reverse violet ray “Metatron plasma.

(Note: the Guardians have mentioned, the Seminar in August 2012, after the longer core travel “in the beginning, the introduction of short crystal activation” technology, further enhanced by the “A Ruiyi – Arie Elias – A Ru-Marne longer core tour anchoring Crystal River Eucharist 8 Sun joint energy flow, it will be released in August 2012 DVD.)

So, I wrote this just “want everyone to know” about the clear, transparent and accurate MCEO teaching. Keeper recommend that everyone in before use any MCEO technology, at least the first time out new 20-21 August 2012 “A Ruiyi – Arie Elias – A Ru Marne trip” before engage in any new technology, or to proceed with any of you may be using the old technology. This introduction to the best eternal Christo upgrade all MCEO and AMCC-MCEO.

Hope this description will help you, willing you like this quite wonderful the AMCC-MCEO Crystal River Eucharist core tour new technology. Guardians have mentioned, they will gradually release Tan - Chu – A nearly that teaching – Road TM organisms soul secret arts (The Tan-the Tri-of Ahura Teachings-The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry TM) and Alcatel Han Boehner crystal plate (AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disc) / the Küsters Ming Nasi files Chamber of sacred knowledge, many new and exciting journey and technology will be released.

Cos-Min-Yahas AL-Hum-Bhrus!
E’Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek
The AMCC-MCEO 1 spokesman

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