Azurite Water Journey

Heliotalic Breaths:

Use 3 normal Heliotalic breaths, i.e. simultaneously draw Pale Pastel Rainbow Colors mixed with Pale Silver current up from beyond chakra 13 at Earth's Core while drawing Pale Pastel Rainbow Colors mixed with Pale Silver current down from above chakra 14, 36" above the head.  Draw both currents into the AzurA to form a Heliotalic spark there and exhale the Heliotalic current through ones fields and into the earth.

Then do an additional Heliotalic breath where half the in-breath is used to draw the 2 currents into the Heliotalic spark in the AzurA and the remainder of the in-breath is used to draw the Heliotalic spark up to the Rajna center at the pineal. Then exhale the Heliotalic current from there through the Central Vertical Current and into the earth. The in-breath therefore creates the Heliotalic spark and moves it to the required position while the out-breath distributes the current.

Finally, again use half the in-breath to draw the 2 currents into the Heliotalic spark in the AzurA and the remainder of the in-breath to push the Heliotalic spark down to the Eumbi. Then exhale the Heliotalic current from the Eumbi through ones fields and into the earth.


Azurite Waters Journey

Activate ones shields.

Use the set of heliotalic breaths outlined above.

Induce the symbol above using 3 pineal induction breaths.  

Close the eyes and visualise the symbol, using the central triangle in the core of the symbol as a doorway to the Ecka 12 temple (planetary location: Cornwall, UK).  Visualise a small version of ones body, dressed and positioned as you are right now.  Focus consciousness in this small body and walk towards the 'doorway' in the center of the symbol.  

Enter through the doorway into the temple and meet ones Christos Self and Eieyani mentors within as magnificent tall beings in silver light.  Proceed within towards the right and from there along a corridor veering towards the left, to a set of tall aqua marine doors.  These doors have symbols on them and open towards one to allow entry.  

Enter through the aqua marine doors into a large room.  This room has in it an extremely high waterfall with water cascading down a spiralling set of ledges into a large pool at the base.  The water in the pool varies from aqua marine in the shallower areas to azure blue in the deeper regions.  The water has a silvery effervescence as it cascades down the waterfall.  There is a golden glow at the very top, where the waterfall emanates.  These are known as the Azurite Waters.  They are powerfully healing and invigorating.  The floor in the temple is crystalline with the azurite waters visibly running underneath.  The pool is almost like a hole in an ice-covered lake, where one can access the waters.  The air is alive with tones and sound that one can tune into.  This is a headquarter temple.  One can access other healing temples as needed from here.

We are invited to enter the pool and bathe in the Azurite Waters, as with the Amoraea fountain.  The waters are shallower to the right.  These waters provide Heliotalic currents for very powerful healing.  It is particularly valuable to invite ones shadow body into the waters also, for expedited healing.  We do not bring our shadow bodies into our physical bodies nor force them into the waters.  Some peoples shadow bodies may be reluctant to enter the waters.  Higher selves / Eieyani mentors may work with these to help them overcome specific fears or issues.  Some shadow bodies may prefer the shallower waters.  Ones job is to invite the shadow body there and to let it heal at its own pace.  

One can additionally attune to the Christos level of dear ones, family members, friends, etc. and invite them to also enter the waters for healing.  Again it's a question of invitation and not of compulsion.  At the Christos level all beings wish to access these waters.  Even for people who are too far gone or 'Metatroniced' access to these waters will facilitate a gentler separation, which is welcomed by the Christos level of the being. 

When ready one can retrace ones steps out of the waters and the temple and simply return to normal waking consciousness.
In addition to being a sentient journey the meditation is also an internal healing journey through ones DNA pattern / fields.  One can quickly put oneself back in this space / frequency, any time, using the Heliotalic breaths outlined above. 
Ashayana emphasised the simplicity of the technique.  The key steps are:
·        Heliotalic breaths.
·        Pineal induction of the symbol.
·        Entry through the doorway in the center of the symbol.
·    Go to the aqua marine doors.
·        Bathe in the Azurite Waters.
·        Allow the "experience" to develop

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